ARTECHOUSE, Sakura Yume // Cherry Blossom Dream Art Exhibit, D.C.

We went to D.C. to check out an art exhibit that opened at the start of the cherry blossom season. It was a fun and interactive experience. The staff we hospitable and informative and at the very beginning they explained all of the art platform upfront before we could delve in and explore for ourselves.

The first exhibit was a dark room where the walls were filled with sakura. It was very interactive and there would be colorful brushstrokes on the wall where my arms and hands would move across the wall. Very cool. The center of the room contained a circular canvas with traditional Chinese brush stroke art. Very pretty.

The second exhibit was a small koi pond surrounded by two cherry blossoms. Wave your hand around them and you’ll feed them sakura petals. Very neat.  (Not shown)

The third exhibit was a hallway with Chinese lanterns. The floor beneath our steps would light up with a brick pattern and follow our path.

There was also this wall art with dots. Pretty neat! (Not shown)

My favorite was probably the room with cherry blossoms and long tables. One could sit down and practice their Chinese calligraphy with their hand movements. Loved it!

The final art exhibit was downstairs and it was called “Sakura Hagane” or “Sakura Steel”, whichever you prefer.


Thank you for the fun experience, ARTECHOUSE!


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